Transport & Logistic Indonesia

A Roadmap for Success at Indonesia's Dedicated Event to Material Handling, Logistic and Warehousing

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Transport & Logistic Indonesia will be focused on some areas


  • Transport & Logistics Systems

Transport Companies: Sea, Air, Rail and Road, Messengers, Couriers and Express Delivery, Logistics Operators and Platform, Inter modal transport, Ports and Shipping Companies, Cargo handling terminals, Ports and freight terminals.


  • Warehousing, Equipment and Material Handling

Forklifts and Lifting Items, Transport Elements, Equipment and Furniture for Warehouses, Pallet Raking, Containers and Recipients, Packaging, Cargo Vehicles, Cargo handling equipment, Rolling-stock and component parts.

  • ICT Solutions

Communication Technologies applied to Logistics, Data Processing Systems, Identification systems, coding and labeling, E-commerce and e-business Systems, Transport Control and Data Processing Equipment, Positioning and Navigation Systems, Integrated Traffic Management Systems (ITMS), Software Developer and Producers, Navigation and Monitoring System, GPS Tracking Systems.


  • Associate Services

Temporary storage warehouses operators, Financial services (Leasing, Insurance, Investment), Inventory Management, Freight Forwarding, Custom services, Storage.

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